Private elections services for board elections and awards voting from Integrity Voting Systems

Sure, we're interested in results. Just not who wins…

It sounds cold. But it's true. Private elections require a reputable yet disinterested third-party.

Integrity Voting Systems knows the election process, and has built a reputation as the election services provider of choice. Founded in 2001, we've done over 150 private elections for organizations ranging from credit unions to the Screen Actors Guild.

Yet we're not interested in your candidates or your issues, your winners or your losers. We're only interested in providing accurate, auditable results using the most reliable and convenient election services possible.

Whether you seek election services for a board election or awards voting, trust your vote to Integrity Voting Systems.

IVS: Serious About Security

Voting is an American institution. We recognize and value the importance of our democratic system. And that's why we are adamant about security during every step of the ballot printing and mailing process.....Click Here